The Story of Jessica's Journey

Little Jessica, shivering and hungry, warms her feet at the coffee-peddler’s stall. It is there that she receives stale bread and coffee from the greedy and selfish peddler. The day comes when Jessica says her very first prayer. Her childlike faith is a breath of fresh air. This tender story was a favorite for young people, and needs to find its way back to every child’s heart today!

About the Author


Soon to become one of the most popular writers of the 19th century, Hesba Stretton won widespread fame for her book Jessica’s First Prayer. Before long it had sold at least a million and a half copies, outselling Alice in Wonderland nearly tenfold. Today, we bring Hesba Stretton’s story to life as a world-class audio drama, Jessica’s Journey. As a web of characters become entangled with the knowledge of their past sins, a minister, a miser, and an unfit mother each encounters a miraculous redemption through their connection with little Jessica – and her answer to prayer.

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Listener's Reviews

This is a beautiful portrayal of the strength and yet simplicity of a child’s faith. Little Jessica is mostly alone in the world, but she clings to her new found hope in the fact that God loves her. Her life is used to touch those around her and help show them the true meaning of the gospel. You will be blessed and inspired by Jessica’s Journey. - Christina
This is such a great book! My brother and I listened to it and loved it. I love the enthusiasm Jessica has for Jesus and wanting her mother to know him too. It truly is a great recording. My friend and I listen to them almost every time we get together. Thanks so much for making these! -Sophia
We've been delighted by all the Lamplighter Theater dramas. Jessica's Journey is a wonderful story and does not fail to be as well done and enjoyable as the rest. When on a trip my daughter said, (1) I wish the drive took longer so we could hear the rest of the story, and (2) can we stay in the car and finish the story? -Dustin
Jessica's Journey is such a window on Gods redeeming power and Grace! My 10 year old granddaughter and I listen to them every morning when I pick her up for school. I bring breakfast to her and we sit in the car at the end of her very long driveway waiting for the bus to come while she eats and listens! The first thing she does when she jumps into the car is turn on the CD player. She is learning more about God and Jesus and Heaven every day! Thank you!! - Vicki
Such a sweet and moving story of a little girl whose faith affected everyone around her. This is a top-notch audio drama that will have you on the edge of your seat. And such a valuable lesson that will leave your heart pondering for days. Way to go Lamplighter on making yet another amazing and excellent audio drama! -Beka
Absolutely wonderful! Enjoyed the story so much and was stirred that there are children who grow up in households like that TODAY! Encourages me to pray more for them and try to help someway. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next episode! - Brenda
After listening to most of this drama on radio on my way home from work I decided that I had to pick it up for my family to listen to. The drama really brings the story to life and gives you such a powerful glimpse of not only life in the Victorian era, but also of the power of prayer and God's ability to create change in our lives.- John
Jessica's Journey is a touching and convicting story of reaching those who are lost but may seem unlovable. The audio did have some changes from the book, especially the ending. But still a great story with a strong message and very well done as all the Lamplighter audios have been. Really appreciate the work of Lamplighter to provide quality material to instill Christian values and build character. - Vencia

Cast & Crew


Philip Glassborow

Philip Glassborow_B&W


A remarkable actor, one of Philip’s most famous roles was portraying Tumnus the Fawn in Chronicles of Narnia. He has worked as BBC writer/producer and with Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.

Cathy Sara



A beloved actress who has starred in the popular TV series, Downton Abbey. Cathy delivers a powerful performance as Jessica’s mother. Cathy’s other performances include the sweet daughter Mary in The Basket of Flowers and the compassionate mother of Jesus, in Titus—A Comrade of the Cross.

Peter Moreton



A veteran actor of the stage, television, and dramatic audio, Peter has portrayed a wide array of characters. His dramatic audio performances can be heard in Sir Knight of the Splendid Way, Basket of Flowers, Ben Hur, and as Reverend Miller in Jessica’s Journey.

John Rhys Davies



An actor who is perhaps best known for playing the dwarf Gimli in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the charismatic Arab excavator Sallah in the Indiana Jones films. John continues his beloved role as host in this production.


Behind the Scenes


Ever wonder how audio dramas are produced? Or what it’s like to be in the studio with actors who put so much passion into their performances? Take a look at some of the behind the scenes footage from Jessica’s Journey and you will see a sample of the powerful performances by Cathy Sara and Peter Moreton.

Jessica's Journey Theatrical Trailer
Jessica's Journey Behind The Scenes 1
Jessica's Journey Behind The Scenes 1
Jessica's Journey Behind The Scenes 1

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